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Reducing Stress specialises in providing the most up to date anxiety, stress and pain management services and training to assist with creating more vitality individually and collectively in the workplace and for home and personal life. 

Maintaining mental health initiatives personally and professionally is key  to maintaining and enjoying life.


Especially with the multitude of non-specific pain, anxiety and neurological problems in the world today, maintaining mental health and wellness is essential.


RSN provide opportunities for real change to create more sustainable energy, vitality and OH & safety - simple to practice and environmental more sustainable.

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We particularly specialise in workshop and online training in mindfulness, breathing, movement, safety and wellness coaching to individuals and companies Australia-wide.  

We have worked with most of Australia's top 100 companies, and in the world, industries, transport, production and professionals with a particular focus on reducing stress, anxiety and hard to identify issues. 

Mental Health initiatives are essential, and keeping motivated is not always simple, but mindfulness training, and olluminating coaching is simple to learn and can easily be incorporated into work and home life.

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Reduce Stress Now combines best practices, ethical mental health initiatives facilitating Olluminating & Mindfulness and evidence based researched practices that combine breathing, neuro and quantum science, ‘medicinal & health sciences’, movement, instincts, biological science ophthalmology & more to help enhance wellness and specific results…

You and your body have a unique imprint of sensory systems that holds keys to your health, prosperity and enjoyment in life.

Where your interlocking senses like cells and cilia, body and vibrational energising operating systems that actually, receive, emit and resonate information that specific frequencies interface and interact.

Olluminations and are real, as vibrations and frequencies exist and flow through our bodies and in the environment resonating within you and vibrating within your space. 

RSN help companies and individuals across the world to undergo the biggest changes in history with the virus-Covid, and biological warfare, which will continue. We aim to help people seek to protect themselves from what may come in the future, seeking more peace, and vitality, with the best medicinal and therapeutic practices available to them. 

Sadly, most of us are at risk neurologically  and having having Parkinsons, ALS, dementia or cancer. Medically and therapeutically, the calmer we can maintain our body, the better we are at reducing our risks in the future and reducing pain .  

More toxicity, drugs, vaccines, stress or anger can cause debilitating affects on one's body, work and life.

We encourage people to seek ways to help calm their bodies, focus on building relationships and seek ways to connect with others .


Practising and learning olluminating and mindfulness promotes new ways to harness personal energy and can assist people during transitions, change and can help to seek the best preventative actions possible to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Mental Health

Wellness Olluminating Wellness Coaching

For professionals, individuals, couples, and families

Mental Health Australia report 2021-2022 promotes addressing and creating a person-led mental health ecosystem as more and more doctors are recommending alternatives to anti-depressants and pain medication, and we seek environmental equity that mirrors health.

RSN provides unique and professional Wellness, health and occupational strategies for individuals, industries and professions through education, coaching, training and OHSEE auditing promoting standards and creating new possibilities of understanding.

Worldwide Olluminating Wellness facilitates, coaches and teaches this new necessity and approach which may all sound different but is simply uplifting to help calibrate energies that support greater wellness. 


It simply aims to promote mental health more easily and can be practiced almost anywhere.  It can be incorporated with your medicinal therapies or your favourite app.

Learning Olluminating can help counter-act stressors and encourage deeper awareness of your distinctive vibrational Olluminations continuously streaming contributing to your health through systems interwoven in your breathing, thinking, feeling and moving which we call your Sensory Experiential Acumen Intelligence (SEAI).

Enhancing Sleeping & Digestion

People are utilising Olluminating practices to create better sleeping awareness, healthier rhythmic patterns, and to maintain more calm throughout the day and at night

Research aligns to indicate that the internal body rhythms support releasing enzymes, chemicals and hormones when the body is in a calmer state.

Facilitating olluminating as with mindfulness, movement and yoga can assist with assisting stomach complaints, allergies and pain and can be supportive and practised before, during or after eating to assist with digesting.

Sleeping and digesting often contribute to aligning systems and it is imperative to be able to assimilate food and create more calm and greater eating styles. 


You can simply practice morning or evening, or anytime throughout the day, before bedtime or during the night. It can help to regulate for a greater and more optimum heart rate, breathing, coherence and metabolic states.

Greater digestion can assist overall body, brain and organ functioning as you seek to help better regulate your body, you also come to help support your wellbeing. 


Harnessing your breath and body rhythms and bio-resonance is essential to calming the body, and can allow for greater possibilities of better sleep at night or being able to calm yourself during the day. 

You may even choose to combine the practice with your *prescriptions or other medicinal approaches to assist create more ongoing calm and mind/body harmony. (***a practitioners support)

Exercise, Sport & Home

Where & How Can You Practice Olluminating?

Your body has a unique imprint of sensory systems and immunity systems that hold keys to enhance your health, prosperity and enjoyment in life that can assist towards enhancing exercising and movement and vitality.

Your sensory systems need to aligning well in order to maintain the energy you need to exercise adn play sport, and move and play. Balance your neurological system means body and brain and neuroplasticity is possible. 

Neuroplasticity basically means that the brain and body can change and adapt and that we can effect parts of our neurological system, but it requires effort.


Building greater neurological awareness and resilience is imperative for continual body-brain balance, and to increase your fuel to exercise. 

Practising olluminating regularly can help to regulate breathing, and enhance and maintain focus, encourage greater resilience and resistance training, strengthening core and is essential on all levels to support your neurological states during both slow exercise and high performance, work and play.

What we can create and achieve together

  • Deal With Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Loss & Stop Feeling Disconnected

  • Relax And Sleep Better 

  • Manifest Enduring Wellness, Balance & Energy

  • Manage Stress Or Anxiety And Convert Diverging Energies 

  • Learn How To Increase Personal ‘Intuit’ Vibrancy Systems 

Reduce Stress Now - hand logo grey faded
Reduce Stress Now - hand logo grey faded
  • Manager Your Energy And Time More Productively 

  • Generate Ongoing Motivation And Inspiration 

  • ​Deal With Anger & Overcome Hurdles Easier 

  • See Simple Ways To Creatively Manage Stress 

  • Feel Greater Confidence & Free Yourself From Anxieties

  • Maintain Powerhouse Personal Stability

  • Create Great Relationships That Are Fun, Supportive And Fulfilling 

  • Increase Peak Performance

  • Mentor More Creativeness For Wider Spectrum Opportunities 

  • Generate Business Success, Creativity & Stability In Rapid Change

  • Learn How Leaders Stay Agile & Energetically Enduring

  • Create Powerful Mindful Body & Energy Awareness

Reduce Stress Now - hand logo grey faded
Reduce Stress Now - hand logo grey faded
  • Gain A Competitive Edge Without Aggression

  • Deliver What Consumers Really Want For Heart Felt Sales

  • Explore New Frontiers With More Vigour & Clarity 

  • Keep Great Collaborators & Find New Ones

  • To Thrive In Diversity

  • Enhance How You Feel For Recovery & Rehabilitation


A fresh approach for a 'new kind' of corporate world..

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