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Achieve success and wellness with sustainable energy

Reduce Stress Now is about helping you to find the best possible solutions to deal with life’s stressors and anxiety so you can focus on achieving your true goals and desires to live a life you truly love. 

RSN helps people to achieve success, wellness and create more sustainable energy and to successfully harness one’s thoughts, ideas, vibrations and body more effectively to achieve the results you want in life personally, in relationships, professionally and in every area of living. 


Focusing on the new progressive style of Wellness Coaching called ‘Olluminating’ as well as mindfulness, meditation, movement, yoga and breathing to re-align your ‘personal energetic’ footprint. 


Sandra from Reduce Stress Now has been fortunate to have worked with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, industries and professions and cultures, Australia wide and internationally in Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and France. From companies including, BHP, Georgiou, Wesfarmers, Toyota and leading pharmaceutical industries. 

Sandra Hoffmann

Olluminating Wellness Coach

Transform your life into a space which re-invigorates and re-vitalises your body and senses. 


1/1 Sessions, Training & Workshops

Reduce Stress Now provides professional 1/1 Wellness Coaching Sessions trainings and workshops in a variety of processes and techniques for individuals, businesses and corporate.


Trainings and workshops are held regularly to help people address and resolve a myriad of issues and the complex nature of stress and anxieties. We can create customised workshops, trainings and retreats. 

Corporate / Business

More than ever in history, especially in Modern day societies with work, businesses, and in the corporate world it is now essential to counter-act the massive overload we suffer from toxicity, pollution, electro-magnetics and stressors not just weekly or monthly – but daily!

Individuals and professionals from every walk of life come to Reduce Stress Now for a myriad of reasons from wanting to have greater energy, to create an intuitive edge, to making decisions faster and more aligned with one’s purpose,  to help balance their relationships and life better. 

Companies come for a variety of reasons, to help with Employee Assistance Programs, reduce injury and increase recovery, improve Safety Systems, for Conscious Strategic Development and to help Develop and Mentor Leadership and Enhancing Creativity, Sales and Productivity Programs. 

Professionally, it is essential to ‘stay ahead’ and Olluminating Wellness Coaching is ideal in helping people to de-stress and manage anxiety, or to help create more calm and peaceful states of being. It is also being used successfully to generate more ongoing vitality to work through fatigue and clarity of thinking in times when productivity and increasing momentum to be able to work faster and still in a healthy manner. 

Reduce Stress Now can tailor customised workshops and training to meet your needs with attention to detail to help businesses and corporate deal with specific stressors in the workplace.


One on One Sessions

Book a personal 1/1 Wellness Coaching to fully experience the benefits of Olluminating and our new approach to reducing stress and anxiety. 


What we can create and achieve together

  • Manifest Enduring Wellness, Balance & Energy

  • Manage Stress Or Anxiety And Convert Diverging Energies 

  • Learn How To Increase Personal ‘Intuit’ Vibrancy Systems 

  • Deal With Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Loss & Stop Feeling Disconnected

  • Relax And Sleep Better 

  • Manager Your Energy And Time More Productively 

  • Generate Ongoing Motivation And Inspiration 

  • ​Deal With Anger & Overcome Hurdles Easier 

  • See Simple Ways To Creatively Manage Stress 

  • Feel Greater Confidence & Free Yourself From Anxieties

  • Maintain Powerhouse Personal Stability

  • Create Great Relationships That Are Fun, Supportive And Fulfilling 

  • Increase Peak Performance

  • Mentor More Creativeness For Wider Spectrum Opportunities 

  • Generate Business Success, Creativity & Stability In Rapid Change

  • Learn How Leaders Stay Agile & Energetically Enduring

  • Create Powerful Mindful Body & Energy Awareness

  • Gain A Competitive Edge Without Aggression

  • Deliver What Consumers Really Want For Heart Felt Sales

  • Explore New Frontiers With More Vigour & Clarity 

  • Keep Great Collaborators & Find New Ones

  • To Thrive In Diversity

  • Enhance How You Feel For Recovery & Rehabilitation


About Sandra Hoffmann

Through many years of pain and suffering, from a pancreatic tumor, a neurological stroke and a breakdown, I tried just about everything to deal with stress and anxiety and Olluminating (an interactive energising/ bio resonance responsive wellness coaching approach) was created over time to help deal with all the stressors. My body was not responding well to medication or even alternative approaches, and I could no longer function the way I was going and unfortunately even the top medical and alternative professionals didn’t know what was wrong with me.


By 2013, I was almost put into a nursing home at 46 as I could not function anymore. Putting it plainly, when the best practitioners and neurologist in Perth say to you that they don’t know what to do – and don’t know what’s wrong with you - it’s a disastrous situation. 

My recovery process led me on a journey to applying neurological and energy treatment which also became the foundation of Olluminating based on the theory of Olluminism. 

​I read thousands of academic and medical papers and studied neuroscience, bio resonance, neurolinguistics linguistic patterning, safety science, hypnotherapy just to name a few.

Now, having overcome the physical issues and many personal challenges my aim is to help as many people as I can to create more sustainable personal power and to make the choices that will lead them to live a life you truly love simpler with Wellness Coaching with Olluminating.

Sandra Hoffmann

Wellness Coach



A fresh approach

Scientifically it is now being proven that vibrations and frequencies are producing powerful healing effects worldwide reducing pain through bio resonance processes, techniques and wellness coaching. With every essence of my being I now also believe that simply becoming more aware of our own body, mind, breathing, frequencies’, vibrations, and resonating patterns and connections and practising "Olluminating" has the potential to create more sustainable outcomes and vitality. 

Practically, by aligning one’s breathing and body/heart rhythms and one’s physiology and thinking can potentially change behaviours and feelings significantly. Practising Olluminating can produce major re-alignments that can possibly impact infinite aspects of one’s personal and professional life, as it has with my own life and that of others now. 


Building greater body/ brain-neuro plasticity and energising resilience are also essential ingredients needed to achieve continuous success and to maintain that personal ‘edge’ to keep gaining the results one wants personally and professionally. 


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