1/1 Sessions, Training & Workshops

Reduce Stress Now provides professional 1/1 Wellness Coaching Sessions trainings and workshops in a variety of processes and techniques for individuals, businesses and corporate.


Trainings and workshops are held regularly to help people address and resolve a myriad of issues and the complex nature of stress and anxieties. We can create customised workshops, trainings and retreats. 

Corporate / Business

More than ever in history, especially in Modern day societies with work, businesses, and in the corporate world it is now essential to counter-act the massive overload we suffer from toxicity, pollution, electro-magnetics and stressors not just weekly or monthly – but daily!

Individuals and professionals from every walk of life come to Reduce Stress Now for a myriad of reasons from wanting to have greater energy, to create an intuitive edge, to making decisions faster and more aligned with one’s purpose,  to help balance their relationships and life better. 

Companies come for a variety of reasons, to help with Employee Assistance Programs, reduce injury and increase recovery, improve Safety Systems, for Conscious Strategic Development and to help Develop and Mentor Leadership and Enhancing Creativity, Sales and Productivity Programs. 

Professionally, it is essential to ‘stay ahead’ and Olluminating Wellness Coaching is ideal in helping people to de-stress and manage anxiety, or to help create more calm and peaceful states of being. It is also being used successfully to generate more ongoing vitality to work through fatigue and clarity of thinking in times when productivity and increasing momentum to be able to work faster and still in a healthy manner. 

Reduce Stress Now can tailor customised workshops and training to meet your needs with attention to detail to help businesses and corporate deal with specific stressors in the workplace.

One on One Sessions

Book a personal 1/1 Wellness Coaching to fully experience the benefits of Olluminating and our new approach to reducing stress and anxiety.