About Us

Olluminating is ‘real’ and the platform utilised for wellness, psychological and medicinal approaches expanding worldwide.


Modern life and stressors are impacting our health and practising can help create greater awareness to identify how toxicity, frequencies, breathing, chemicals and the environment are impacting and contributing towards your personal and collective wellness.

Facilitating olluminating seeks what is supporting and hindering your wellbeing including aspects of safety, thinking, breathing, security and mental health and is being compared to the new dynamic neural transmitting system medicinal approach.

Olluminating seeks to create more communication and increase awareness and help people to understand underlying concerns, and support more sustainable vitality, calm neurology, robust immunity, wellbeing and healthy cells.

RSN aims to support all-rounded mental health initiatives as medicinal research confirms we need to understand and help our body as it actually receives, emits and resonates information as through our breath, cilia, skin and systems our thoughts, frequencies and vibrations need to be supportive.


Awareness and practices can increase your ability to identify your own specific wellness needs, as vibrations, frequencies, chemicals and matter all interface and interact within your body. Interlacing from the air, atmosphere, other people, environmental factors, and human made vibrations all impeding or enhancing your wellness.

Our Mission

The mission of Reduce Stress Now is to promote, facilitate, coach and train individuals and groups the benefits of understanding and practising Olluminism and mindfulness to better assimilate with and synthesise vibrational medicinal approaches, frequencies, medicine, the body and life itself to thrive in the most environmentally sound ways.

We support science and instinctiveness all have a unique vibrational imprint and sensory systems that holds keys to our health, prosperity and enjoyment in life, that merge collectively, and can assist your body to create more optimum wellness and safety for our bodies’ chemical and frequency states which is imperative to life itself.

We are growing organically worldwide and welcome your support and interest.

About Reduce Stress Now…

from the founder

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me after the numerous health issues, to say the least having recovered from a malignant pancreatic tumour in 2008, a neurological stroke in 2013 and having a breakdown in 2017 whilst trying to save Garvey Park in Western Australia from being developed into potentially over-crowded housing commission units on sinking wetlands.

Previously I was a chef, investigator, safety auditor, sales coach and trainer and now promote wellness with Olluminism and its research and development. I studied psychology at Edith Cowan which I loved and Deakin before realising that Olluminism is where modern medicinal and psychological approaches thrive and where supportive modern vitality co-exists. I also studied communication, neuroscience, vibrational medicinal approaches and toxicology.

Learning meditation in the 1970’s at the age of 9, never practising enough but loving it and finally becoming certified as a Yoga teacher in Vinyasa Yoga, certified Yin Yoga teacher and trained in Laughing Yoga (yes, it is a qualification ☺ These are all fabulous practices, with Laughing Yoga being my favourite as I often take things far too seriously and feel that we all need more laughter, and said to be created by a doctor in India.

Years ago I obtained accreditation as a mediator with LEADR, Lawyers Engaged in Dispute Resolution and studied Public Relations where we worked on projects for Amnesty International.


Life can be strange, unusual, painful, joyous, mystical and an exciting experience whilst we live and sometimes struggle, dramatically or simply attempting to transform our reality to survive or enhance our wellness or that of others.

We look forward to sharing this new journey and supporting more sustainable vitality personally and for this magnificent planet and the children to come. ‘Olluminism ~ Transforming Reality’. Thank you.. Sandra

Sandra Hoffmann

Reduce Stress Now Founder