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What is Olluminating

Olluminating similar to Mindfulness was created to be able to help people access more calm and peace into their lives and assist with psycho-neuro-physiological issues and pain management and especially anxiety. 


It is simple to learn, but requires practice, and is often referred to giving access to greater levels of bio-physical states, similar to mindfulness by different. 


We have helped thousands of people over the years with a multitude of problems relating to re-balancing energies personally and in the workplace.

We work closely with a number of organisations and are happy to work with your medicinal practitioner, GP, Naturopath or specialist with assisting you to achieve your goals.

Energetic Costs & Sustainability  

Our breathing regulates our body, and there are metabolic, energetic and vibratory costs with every movement we make, and every thought, internally and externally, with others, and within our environments. 

We can learn how to harness our own individual energising systems and how behave to create greater calm personally and professionally.


By practising the processes and techniques you can feel more grounded and balanced in situations where you once might have felt anxious, agitated or angry and better equipped to re-vitalise and re-energise yourself when you need to get through more stressful or work intensive periods.  

Energising ones own resilience is essential to be able to sustain more continuous success and to maintain that personal ‘edge’ to keep gaining the results one wants personally and professionally. 

Learning Olluminating can help counter act stressors and encourage deeper awareness of your distinctive vibrational Olluminations continuously streaming contributing to your health through systems interwoven in breathing, thinking, feeling, moving, called your Sensory Experiential Acumen Intelligence (SEAI). Enhancing your SEAI is essential helping awareness, fluidity to maintain greatest potential power and create more sustainable mind/body environmental vibrational energising connections actively sensing and practicing Magnetising Informational Introspective Internalisations Systems (MIIIS).


Promoting intermezzi and space where body and vitality is unencumbered and free to generate natural healing to assist your intrinsic intuitive ways of being with modern technology, medicinal therapies and living.


Balance is key, homeostatsis is essential, homeorhesis is imperative. 

Developed from over 20 years of research

Olluminating is an evidence-based, process driven, interactive wellness coaching approach developed from over 20 years of investigation and research supported by advances in academic, medical scientific, quantum dynamics, morphogenesis, biology, physics, neuroscience, bio resonance,  psychology and physiology just to name a few. It has been described as being similar to mindfulness, meditation and neurologically based coaching, but is more inter-active and can be practiced or used at any time and incorporated easily into one’s everyday life. 

At Reduce Stress Now you can learn the secrets to stay ahead by identifying your own subtle physiological correlates, and rhythms of your breath, heartbeat, brain and body with your emotions thoughts and states. 

Breathing Better 

Olluminating can help to concentrate better on many things such as your vibrations and frequencies and how your responses with respiratory actions coupled with complex interactions between the brainstem and higher centres connecting through the limbic systems and cortical structures is essential.

It sounds complicated, but it is simple to learn and use and can be creatively effective as we help you to neurologically and physically help you to tap into your subtle but individual awareness of your unique vibrational imprint to create more ongoing coherence and greater sustainable energetic patterns. 

Why is Olluminating Wellness Coaching so important?

More than ever before in history, it is now overwhelming important to understand your own unique and personal bio resonance imprint in this world and how we can all manage and counter-act the negative toxicity of pollutants and pressure of this modern world. It is now essential to be able to quickly re-balance our magnetising energies better to be able to positively interact with others and create greater sustainability within our compromised environment. 

Beyond understanding your sensory systems we all need to know how we expend these areas energetically on a daily basis is necessary to achieve healthy ongoing life goals that we want to achieve, and do so faster and calmer. 

It is within our intuit awareness and sense of self and bodies, and our motivations and purpose that we can come to harness these energies and vibrations to create more synergy and optimum response mechanisms and greater wellness.  

Practicing Olluminating is essential to help yourself to not only be able to enhance our sense of intuitive scope and synthetise incoming information but to better understand and merge our own vibrationary thresholds and ‘uniquely soulful’ expectancies to actually achieve greater personal success we want in life. 

Personally, Olluminating works through experiencing and practising the processes and techniques which can be utilised to help enhancing many aspect of life including creating a greater sense of connectedness with others, to weight management, creating better sleeping and enhancing one’s own confidence.  

It’s a matter of learning, understanding, applying and benefiting from these fluid processes and techniques which are made simple through everyday practise.

Powerful Purposeful - 1/1 Wellness Coaching,

Retreats & Workshops

We can create more purposeful and intentional clarity, calm, and ongoing peace through Olluminating Wellness Coaching which is now made more accessible and possible through having 1/1 Sessions, or attending one of our public workshops or trainings, or ask about conducting one at your work place and incorporating it with Yoga, movement or Safety Awareness Mindfulness. 

Creating more purpose in what you do daily, and how this affects your inner motivations to achieving your goals is essential to creating a life you love to live. 

At Reduce Stress Now we take a very personal approach to helping you personally to achieve the results you desire for personal relationships, friendships in family or in life in general and business.

You can choose from an hour sessions or a 2-3 hours session, or committing to a 28 day which is a four session Recovery & Sustainability Program, or customise your own.

Contact us for more information. 

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