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Where & How Can You Practice Olluminating?

Facilitating Olluminating is often said to be as imperative to life and ones vibrations as breathing is to lungs. As the climate changes, so does our ability to breathe, and exercising, sports and elite sports people understand this more than anymore. 

As billions of people worldwide suffer from breathing difficulties, sports people now need to support the body, vitality and wellbeing even more so and especially whilst exercising often and with extreme sports. 

Facilitating Olluminating promotes ways aimed to help support greater mind~body~environmental neurological balance to exercise and move better.

It can help to support your breathing, chemical, emotional and vibrational coherence and seek to to create better understanding of your own unique sensory systems to support your overall immunity. 

Facilitating olluminating holds keys to enhance your energy and health, and can greatly assist with exercising, movement and vitality.

As your breathing, body and neurological frequencies are continuously intertwining as you move, they keep sources of information that you can access, which you need to understand. You need to know what your body is telling you and adjust your body as you  exercise...

The neurological system is your key to greater wellness, and your neurological frequencies are throughout your entire body and not just in the brain.


With more stress and more toxicity in the air, we all need to help ourselves to continuously support how we move, run, walk or perform. 

High level elite performance athletes and runners understand this, and now practice olluminating more often to achieve that greater edge. 

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Practising Olluminating can help to regulate breathing, and enhance and maintain focus, encourage greater resilience and resistance training

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