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Mental Health Initiatives Are Imperative...

Olluminating Wellness Coaching

Mental Health Australia report 2021-2022 promotes addressing and creating a person-led mental health ecosystem as more and more doctors are recommending alternatives to anti-depressants and pain medication, and we seek environmental equity that mirrors health.

Simple to learn and understand, facilitating and practising olluminating is essential to creat greater balance and more mind body health and wellbeing. 

It combines simple processes and techniques aimed at reducing stressors and anxiety and is a mindful practice and is an alternative.

Reduce Stress Now (RSN) promotes a personal and well-rounding human-centric approach to help support and enhance mental health initiatives.

Having helped thousands of people with coaching and training from PVS to JobFind and Workplace Services to some of Australia's top 100 companies. 

Wellness and mental health is so personal, and so is facilitating olluminating. Personally, professionally and intrinsic to one's needs for the workplace and at home..

Reduce Stress Now can provide unique and professional mental health and Wellness strategies for individuals, industries and professions through education, coaching, training and OHSEE auditing promoting standards and creating new possibilities to understanding.

Reduce Stress Now - hand logo grey faded

Help support and enhance mental health and wellness for you personally, professionally and in the workplace and at home.

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